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Recruitment information

Occupation description

IT platforms engineer, experienced person of server construction (virtual environments, cloud environments and physical environments)

  • Experience in various middleware design and construction
  • Experienced person of network design and construction

System Engineer

  • Experienced person of design and development in manufacturing and distribution work
  • Experienced person of system development
  • Experienced person of frameworks and packaged products


  • Experience in developing as programming language system engineer such as ava, VB.NET, C, C♯, C++, COBOL, Oracle, SQL server
  • Experience in developing Salesforce Apex
  • Graduate of high school or higher, previous experience advantageous
  • Driver's license (Automatic transmission vehicle only is accepted )
Work location Hadano-shi, Kanagawa,  Nagoya-shi, Aichi
Salary Based on experience, age, ability, etc., we decide in accordance with our regulations.
Allowances Allowances : Family allowance, overtime allowance, commutation allowance etc.
Working hours 8:30-17:15
Holidays 121 days/year (two days a week (Saturdays and Sundays)) Annual paid holiday (10 days in the first year, maximum 20 days / year)
Benefits Health insurance, employee's pension insurance, employment insurance, industrial accident compensation insurance, etc.

Process of Mid-career employment

  • Document screening (Entry sheet) / Aptitude test (SPI3-U)
  • Interview (first round)
  • Interview (final round)
  • Result notification

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