Privacy Policy


Recognizing that protecting customer privacy and personal information provided by customers (collectively, “Personal Information”) is foundational for the Company's business activities, T.RAD CONNET Co., Ltd. (“the Company”) observes the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other relevant regulations and endeavors to protect Personal Information by adhering to the following Personal Information Protection Policy.

Personal Information Protection Policy

  1. The Company works to ensure that the rights and interests of customers are not harmed when the Company obtains, holds, uses, or discloses the Personal Information of said customers.
  2. Customers, in principle, can visit and read the Company's website without disclosing any Personal Information, and no Personal Information is collected from customers when they only browse the website.
  3. By taking appropriate safety measures particularly regarding the following two "sending" activities, the Company endeavors to prevent the leakage, loss, modification, and theft of as well as the unlawful access to the Personal Information it has obtained from customers.
    1. Sending responses to customer inquiries and requests.
    2. Sending materials, etc. requested by customers.
    However, the Company may provide a customer's Personal Information to third parties without the customer's prior consent in the following cases.
    1. The Company deems it appropriate to have a company related to the Company, a company equivalent to a related company, or a distributor respond to a customer's inquiry.
    2. The sending of materials, etc. requested by the customer has been outsourced to an external contractor with which the Company has formed a nondisclosure agreement.
  4. The Company does not provide third parties with a customer's Personal Information except in the case where the Company has obtained the customer's prior consent; provided.
    1. The provision of information is required by law.
    2. The provision of information is to protect the life, physical well-being, or assets of a person, and it is difficult to receive the customer's consent.
    3. The Company must cooperate with a government agency, local government, or a delegate of either of them in their performance of duties required by law or regulation.
  5. In the case that a personal information protection policy is defined separately for a certain content or in the case that there is a link to content defining that policy, the respective personal information protection policy takes precedence.
  6. The Company abides by relevant laws, regulations, and other rules relating to Personal Information provided by customers and endeavors to continuously review and improve this Personal Information Protection Policy. Consequently, the Company may amend the Personal Information Protection Policy on the website.


A cookie is a piece of data sent from a web server to a customer's web browser and stored in the hard disk of the computer that the customer is using. The Company may use cookies to customize the website to suit customers' needs or to modify the website material or services provided in order to increase customer satisfaction. Customers may set their browser to refuse to receive cookies or to display a warning when a cookie has been received. Cookies do not include any personally identifiable information, such as name, e-mail address, telephone number, or residential address.


The Personal Information Protection Policy posted here concerns Personal Information related to the T.RAD CONNECT Co., Ltd. website in Japan. The policy does not apply to the websites of domestic and overseas companies related to the Company. Please inquire with the respective related companies regarding their personal information protection policy. Furthermore, please be aware that the Company cannot be held responsible for ensuring the safety of customers' Personal Information on other websites that are linked to the Company's website.

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