Message from the President

Tomio Miyazaki
(President&COO, T.RAD Co., Ltd.)

In the times when the socio-economic environment is extremely difficult to predict, IT has brought major reforms in society. Penetration of IT has become a driving force of creation of new value and evoke further innovation.

Our company was established through investment of T.RAD Co., Ltd. By fusing T.RAD's experienced manufacturing and production technology in the manufacturing industry, we aim to create new cloud applications and business solutions through the use of IoT and AI.

Further, we will strive to become a system-developing company which can contribute to the society by providing our products throughout a wider range in the world’s manufacturing and service industries.

Our keyword is "Connect." That means employees have their own dreams (goals), and coordinate open and energetic organization that is necessary to realize their dreams.

Within the organization, everyone will fully demonstrate their strengths, · mutually promote collaboration, confirm the importance of teamwork, and aim for each employee to understand the sense of accomplishment .

Lastly, I would apreciate continuous support and encouragement from customers, shareholders, business partners and local communities.

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